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Healthy Weight Loss Means Choosing a Weight Loss Doctor who Suits Your Particular Needs.

Weight loss and weight management begins with your desire to make a lifestyle change. Frequently, your desire is just not sufficient to lose the weight you would like to lose however--- coupled with support from an experienced weight loss Doctor who can assist and support you until you reach a desired goal--is a choice many people make. A healthy weight and a new way of life can be achieved!

Tampa, Florida has many weight loss clinics and doctor's to choose from. Some use similar weight loss techniques and procedures but, not all provide the same environment for treatment, care and management of weight loss.

At Tampa's Healthy Weight Solutions' clinic, patients who are treated for weight loss and weight management by Dr. Northrup are always more than pleased when met with his caring, professional and personalized treatment. Dr. Northrup invests time and interest in his patients, paving the way to weight loss success!
When you visit Tampa's Healthy Weight Solutions' clinic you'll be seen every time by Dr. Northrup. 

Healthy Weight Solutions offers many of the same treatment protocols that other Tampa weight loss Doctors offer. The difference most patients recognized was the atmosphere which for some people seeking weight loss treatment, can mean the difference between weight loss success and weight loss failure.

Weight Loss/Weight Management Techniques Used

Weight Loss and Food Journaling

The best way to utilize a food journal as part of a weight loss plan, is to write down everything you eat and drink. Yes, I said everything. That includes the amounts. You would be well advised to understand what a serving is when you read a food label. I recommend you write down the foods and amounts right at the time you're eating or right afterward.

Additionally, to succeed in your weight loss and often in weight management, write down your level of hunger (or non-hunger) when you begin eating and your level of hunger or lack thereof when you finish eating. Also make a note of your mental state. Are you eating because your stressed, bored…etc…

Two easier ways to lose weight or maintain weight are to keep a food journal, which forces you to pay attention to your intake and reasoning and meal replacement. There are many other tools available, but this is a good place to start (or continue your efforts).


Appetite suppressants (phentermine, phendimetrazine) will be used when indicated. Supplements will be given on a per case basis and all will be according to your personal medical history and exam.


Weight loss and weight management generally requires some level of physical exercise. Whether you walk briskly, or do other forms of exercise, the key is to make it a part of your new lifestyle! A little goes a long way and we can suggest various types of activity that can help you shed pounds, but also improve your overall health and fitness. Remember, weight loss and management is a combo platter of sorts! Mind and body working together to achieve success.

Helping you succeed in your weight loss and weight management!

George M. Northrup, MD