Reshape Your Body and Mind!!

Unlike most weight loss Doctors in Tampa, at Healthy Weight Solutions the doctor sees every patient at every visit. If you're ready to shed those unwanted pounds, have more energy and feel better about yourself, pick up the phone and call (813) 350-9500. George M. Northrup, M.D. is Tampa's choice for weight loss treatment and for maintaining a healthy mindset. Patients in and around the Tampa Bay area can easily begin losing and maintaining their weight at our highly accessible office located at 3601 West Azeele Street.

Dr. Northrup's Weight Loss Solution Combines Expertise, Knowledge and Caring

Dr. George Northrup is an expert in both mental health weight loss and weight management. Even a short thought about how people gain weight will make it clear this is the best combination of knowledge and skills to help people lose and then keep that weight off. Dr. Northrup is your South Tampa weight loss and weight management doctor if you are looking for results and if you prefer a relaxed setting.

If your are actively looking to locate weight loss doctor in Tampa to help you into a new lifestyle for , then visit our weight loss center conveniently located in Tampa.

New Patients

All patients who visit our Tampa Weight Loss Clinic will have a full history and physical examination by Dr. Northrup. All patients will receive a panel of laboratory tests and an electrocardiogram. Various body measurement and body composition parameters will be evaluated. Patients will see both the medical assistant and Dr. Northrup at each appointment. Appetite suppressantswill be prescribed if appropriate.

Things You Should Know Prior to Selecting a Tampa Weight Loss Doctor

  • First, you should remember that the key to long term weight loss success is the change in your behavior. If you can do this on your own, you probably don't need a weight loss doctor.
  • If you have decided that you need assistance with your weight loss plan and you are reaching out to a weight loss Doctor in Tampa, then be sure that the Doctor of your choice will actually be the one that monitors your weight management. Often times, Tampa weight loss clinics will offer a physician extender and patients make appointments believing they will be seen by a particular doctor, when they are not.
  • Finally, please note that Dr. Northrup has sufficient staff and has the best interest of all of his patients at the forefront. If you find that you cannot be seen at other Tampa area weight loss Doctor's or Clinics, then call our office. We will be pleased to welcome you to our weight loss program where we offer friendly, professional service tailored to each individual's needs.